Representing Clients in Court

Since the early 1980s the lawyers at Oswald & Mitchell have been successfully representing clients in state and federal trial and appellate courts in Oregon, California and Arizona, and before arbitrators and state regulatory agencies.These cases have ranged from personal injury suits to sexual harassment suits to wage claim actions to trust fraud litigation to professional licensing proceedings.

When representing plaintiffs, the lawyers at Oswald & Mitchell are dedicated to investigating and analyzing the facts and law and preparing every aspect of the case which must be proved.On more than a few occasions the lawyers at Oswald & Mitchell have examined cases turned down by other lawyers and have found ways to bring such cases to successful conclusions for their clients. On other occasions the lawyers at Oswald & Mitchell have developed unprecedented legal theories which have provided recoveries for their clients. For most of the cases when representing plaintiffs Oswald & Mitchell operates under contingency fee agreements where Oswald & Mitchell only gets paid if the client gets a recovery.

When representing defendants, the lawyers at Oswald & Mitchell are dedicated to analyzing the risks and potential costs involved in the case and communicating those facts to the client. The focus is on seeking to settle the cases it makes sense to the client to settle and vigorously defend those cases where settlement is not advantageous to the client, while actively seeking to keep legal fees as low as possible consistent with providing excellent services in line with the amounts at stake for the client.

Oswald & Mitchell delivers the skills of a large law firm with the focus on client service of a small law firm. The lawyers at Oswald & Mitchell received superb law school training and learned the law from exceptional attorneys with whom they were privileged to work closely. They have continued to focus on expanding their skills through in-depth research and classes. They have learned from the experience that they have gained over the past three decades. All in all, the lawyers at Oswald & Mitchell are committed to proving the very best representation for their clients in courts, arbitrations and professional regulatory agencies.

" If you are in need of a lawyer and they are not in your everyday life, and you don't know where to turn or who to trust then these are the lawyers for you. These are two good attorney's that love what they do. They gave me all the tools to help me win my case, and they showed me how to handle myself in the courtroom. Don't let these two nice people fool you, they are tenacious in the courtroom. I was in the fight for my life and they joined that fight and we won it together." - Kristi M.

O&M prosecuted a sexual harassment case against a Fortune 500 company, winning a six-figure verdict plus all of the client's attorney fees.

O&M sued a trustee of a trust for fraud, and obtained a significant settlement for our client that included outright ownership of a house.

O&M sued a surgeon who operated on the wrong foot, obtaining a six-figure settlement.

O&M sued a person who kidnapped an elderly Alzheimer patient and then hid her from her frantic family, obtaining a significant settlement during the family's case before the defense put on any evidence.

O&M successfully sued a contractor in California for failing to pay a supplier, where the jury asked if they could give our client even more than we could legally have asked for.

O&M successfully defended a business against the State of Oregon who wanted to end our client’s participation in the WIC program, in which the Oregon Court of Appeals ruled against Oregon's interpretation of its own rules.

O&M successfully obtained a recovery for our clients at or near policy limits in an auto collision case in Oregon and another auto collision case in Arizona.

O&M successfully obtained unpaid overtime, liquidated damages, penalties and attorneys fees for a bartender whom the restaurant misclassified as a manager.

O&M successfully obtained unpaid minimum wages, overtime wages, liquidated damages, penalties and attorneys fees for a dishwasher whose first attorney failed to file his wage claim action prior to the statute of limitations.

O&M successfully obtained unpaid overtime wages, liquidated damages, penalties and attorneys fees for a clerk at a gas station who was not paid time and a half for overtime hours.

O&M successfully has obtained unpaid minimum wages, liquidated damages, penalties and attorneys fees for misclassified employees of strip clubs.

O&M successfully obtained a spousal elective share and support for our client in a probate case who the testator tried to disinherit.