"Dear Friends At Oswald and Mitchell,
I just want to take a moment to thank you all for the support you gave my Mother Esther and I over the past several years. It was very difficult for her to have to move in with me from her home in Sacramento. But the guidance you gave us in setting up her accounts, my power of attorney and all of the complexities that face someone nearing the end of their life was invaluable. After Mom's passing, the help you provided to get through probate was so reassuring. As the Executor, I had a significant amount of anxiety about the process. But you navigated me and my family through it with great professionalism and again, compassion. I take great comfort in knowing that as long as you all continue to practice, I have a safe haven for the most compassionate, caring and thorough legal assistance a person could ever ask for.
Sincerely, Tim E., Aloha, Oregon

"I have nothing but the highest praise for the legal work and advice that I received from Virginia Mitchell, Attorney at Law. The work she completed for me included revising and updating my Living Trust and Durable Power of Attorney documents, as well as the review of a draft for an Operating Agreement for a Limited Liability Corporation for a property that my brother and I now own following the death of our mother. I found Ms. Mitchell very knowledgable, timely with her work, and congenial in our discussions, taking great care to answer my questions thoughtfully and with patience. I would heartily recommend her to anyone."
- Carol, Lake Oswego

"Virginia guided me through the legal affairs after my husbands death. Her help, advice, and speedy work made a difficult time in my life much easier." Bea C.

"Jack has years of experience handling a wide variety of civil cases. Jack genuninely cares about his clients!" - Jim B.

" If you are in need of a lawyer and they are not in your everyday life, and you don't where to turn or who to trust then these are the lawyers for you. These are two good attorney's that love what they do. They gave me all the tools to help me win my case, and they showed me how to handle myself in the courtroom. Don't let these two nice people fool you, they are tenacious in the courtroom. I was in the fight for my life and they joined that fight and we won it together." - Kristi M.

"If it had not been for Jack Oswald and his ability to turn over each and every rock on my behalf, no matter the size or effort it took, I would not be able to support myself now or in the future. He finally made my opponent scream UNCLE! After being told repeatedly I would get NOTHING, I got what was fair and what the law allowed, but, only because of the deadly web Jack Oswald built and trapped my opponent in. I would refer Jack and his partner Virginia Mitchell to anyone who wants to be successful in the courtroom and have fun watching! " - Theresa G.

"Jack Oswald is an amazingly caring and understanding attorney whose knowledge of the law saved me during a trying time of closing my business. He carefully crafted my case to achieve the goal without frivolous costs or unnecessary time. I highly recommend Jack for any of your legal business needs."
- Eleanor